Windows server 2012 on Mac printer problem.

Hey guys,

New to the forums here. I've got an issue with a Mac os running 10.8. Basically this person uses Mac with a remote connection to server 2012. (They use programs that can only be run in windows) So when the remote connection tool goes into the windows server, its supposed to also transfer the local printers from the mac. The issue im having is that the printer I want to use ( A Dell 3130CN) does not print on the windows side. On the mac side, it prints just fine. Although it did print a bunch of gibberish ( the letter F, all over a whole page). Im wondering What I need to do to make this work? I don't know if maybe downloading the driver for the printer on the server side could maybe fix the issue? Anyone have any ideas or experience with a similar situation?
If more information is needed please let me know.


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You'll likely need a driver for that printer installed on the Windows machine that you are remoting into.
Check and see if there is a compatible driver from Dell for Server 2012 for that printer and only install the driver. You shouldn't need to install the whole software package.

Gotcha, thank you I'll try that and come back with results!

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