Windows Server 2016 With the Essentials Dashboard


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Hi All,

I've been working in a clients server we manage at my role and we are having issues importing users from their Office 365 tenant to their Server essentials Dashboard.

Either when we try to import the account OR create an account on the essentials dashboard and then assign a License we receive exactly the same issue.


This is what we receive from the logs. I have tried creating multiple accounts and it happens on all of them. Old accounts that have been in the tenant for over 6 months can be imported over to the server without any issues or snags.

I have tried restarting the server and creating multiple accounts. We have tried creating the account multiple ways but receive the same error each time.

Has anyone ever had this or have any possible resolution they can think of to resolve this?

The server is currently being used without any issues and shared drives etc are working as should.

This is an On-prem server.

Cheers all,