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I hope I don't come across as horibly spammy on my third post here but I would like to share some info on a project that I've been working on. I know when it comes to free monitoring solutions we're all basically stuck with Nagios or some sort of Linux based product that is typically ugly and hard to use. If you search for free Windows monitoring or open sourced Windows monitoring there very few options (if any).

Last year I decided to throw my hat in the ring and write an open source Windows based monitoring server. Its written in .Net and uses extremely small agents to monitor system information via wmi and report back to a central server via tcp (ssl tls 1.2 optional). The Monitoring server is fully featured, uses role based access, has an event manager, reporting, device views, and more.

The product is completely free and open. My goal is to make an easy to use alternative solution to what's out there and give people a choice. Its a new product so I'd love feedback. Thanks.

GitHub - philipcwhite/MonitoringServer: Windows Monitoring Server


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I think this is an awesome project! I have written some custom software myself that monitors Dell servers specifically, and I have two suggestions for you that are not that hard to implement.

1) A plugin system using the iPlugin interface
2) There are open source libraries to send sms via google voice, would be really neat to have notifications via SMS when certain thresholds or events happen. (Then write this plugin using your new plugin interface, and you already have a tutorial on which people can extend your program by writing their own plugins)

Keep up the good work, and bravo for making your project Open Source!

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Thanks for the tips. I think you're right that I should extend notifications. For my day job I work with BMC's Proactivenet and have done something similar to export events and send them to xMatters for paging and escallation. I've added this to the to-do list.

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