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When I went to start the computer today, it would start but before it could load I got a blue scree, this happened several times, finally I got to the screen that asks if you want to start windows normally, or repair, so I tried to choose repair, but couldn't access it. I put in the disc thinking I could just reinstall windows but it wouldn't even install all the way. Somehow it put a windows 7 repaired ( I think its called that) on D drive, with regular windows that isn't installing on C, the one on D is working obviously, but I'm not sure what's going on, if its software or hardware, the win7 disc should have been able to just reinstall windows.

Any ideas? If its hardware, what part? Thanks!


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Try booting into the Bios and changing the boot order so that DVD is first and HDD second. This means the machine will boot off the disk and you can effect a full system install on the drive you want. I'd use the installation screen to delete the other copy of windows on the d drive otherwise things could get muddled.
Remember to look for 'press any key to boot from the cd'.

Blue screen , means file system is broken at the partition of your hard disk. You said that it can't do the install from the Disk. Most computers when have the CD in the driver and restart will show a quick words to "press any key" if want to install windows. I just wish to format the partition of file system to clear out of all of the errors. If you had like a rescue disk, can also use as just the driver updates and all take pretty much of time and sucks as well. Hope this help and try to do the put Avast Antivirus and SuperAntispyware program as well and check always weekly for viruses after get all fixed.

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