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    Hi, guys. About two-three days ago, I was about to watch Netflix in my computer and it needed to be updated in order for me to use it. I put update and it took me to Windows Store, however, it doesn't work. It won't open. I mean, it opens but it comes out that there's something wrong on their end and/or that the page won't load. I am very concerned because we're talking two-three days in a row that my Windows Store doesn't work. Can somebody please help me with this? Is it just me or it doesn't work for everyone else? I'd appreciate all the help, thanks.

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    Hi Fernando,
    Sorry to hear you are having problems with the Windows App Store. I've had a couple of Clients have issues with this, and there are a variety of solutions. The first thing I would do is to ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE ALL YOUR PERSONAL DATA BACKED UP TO EXTERNAL MEDIA PRIOR TO TRYING REPAIR PROCEDURES ON THE APP STORE!!"

    There are several things that could have caused this including a virus/malware attack on your computer. Sometimes, viruses don't activate until after one of the weekly "Push" security updates from Microsoft. Damage to your Windows often occurs concomitantly after a reboot; this often can trigger what some of us here call an "update virus". Here are some simple and not-so simple fixes for you. Also, if these don't work for you, please go to and download the free SPECCY diagnostic and post back the output text result back here to this thread.

    Let's start with the easy ones:
    (1.) Use the built-in W10 SYSTEM RESTORE, to "rollback" your Windows to an earlier time, for example, last week, or last month or up to 5 months ago prior to the problem occurring. This often produces good and immediate results. Proceed to #2 below..

    (2.) Run the scanner of whatever antivirus you currently have installed on your computer (Norton, Avast, McAfee, TrendMicro, etc.) and perform a FullScan at the minimum, and a BootScan if your AV has that option. Remove any and all found viruses using the auto-fix tool from which AV scanner program you have. *Note: If you don't have an installed AV program, you should use the built-in Windows Defender AV in W10, scan with that. Power-cycle your computer if your AV hasn't rebooted or even if it has to remove the possibility of any memory-resident viruses hanging around in your machine. Now retest your Netflix and AppStore. It should be now be working!:partay:

    If problem persists, let's move to the more complex ones:
    (3.) Perform a W10 in-place Upgrade Repair; you can google for instructions on how to do this, or search our forum messages archive here. Retest.
    (4.) Perform a W10 Reset from FACTORY RECOVERY MEDIA (DVD discs or USB stick) or built-in FACTORY RECOVERY PARTITION on your hard drive (most modern computers have this); retest.
    (5.) Perform a W10 Reinstallation from FACTORY RECOVERY MEDIA (DVD discs or USB stick) or built-in FACTORY RECOVERY PARTITION on your hard drive (most modern computers have this); retest.

    After attempting Steps #3-#5 in the complex procedures above and you still get no love, you may need to test your hardware. Since you didn't provide that information we have no idea what you have. It's like calling your auto-mechanic and telling him your car is make a funny noise, but you don't tell him if you have a Ford, Chevy, Toyota, etc. He really needs more specific information on the type of car you have; and that applies to the type of Computer you have too. Post back here for step-by-step hardware testing instructions.

    The last Client I had with this issue just had to do Steps #1 & #2, and that solved her problem. She also had changed a couple of her passwords around which affected her Microsoft Live ID, and that causes havoc with the APP store if your Microsoft account isn't properly synchronized with your full Microsoft account login. It's best that the W10 login password you use MATCH exactly the AppStore login password. This is so you don't have to remember 2 different Microsoft passwords, 1 for the W10 login on your computer, and a 2nd one to login to the AppStore. This is a waste of effort in my opinion. Synchronizing them will make your life easier, and it's easier to fix the problem you have. If you are using a password manager program to manage your Passwords, that's fine, but for this task I suggest you write them down physically on paper with pen or pencil, and once they are working; then type that password into your password manager program under your Microsoft Account.

    Best of luck to you,:encouragement:

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