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I don't understand why windows update is not included in the action center. Isn't the action center supposed to include everything to make your PC safer and more secure? when I open Action center I would expect windows update to be in the Maintenace section, but instead you have to backtrack to the 'System and Security' in Control Panel and then 'Windows update'. Does the action center still scan for windows updates? When I finally did find windows update(by accident) I had about 16 pending updates, one of which was critical and the action center said everything was need to do anything.

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Have you submitted this feedback to Microsoft? ;) This is exactly the kind of stuff that needs to be sent to them while still in the "testing" phase of the OS's developement.. :)

How do I send this to Microsoft? I though this forum was for windows 7 feedback?


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The updates are set to automatic, by default, when you first install. Did you alter the default?
Wasn't there a Windows update option in your start menu, after installation?
In the Control Panel, like many users now, I always select the "small icon" view. It is easier to handle and see each item individually.
In the RC, the feedback is automatic, (unless you have disabled any service options, such as, for example, Windows eror reporting.) when an error is encountered. Other than that, bugs, difficulties and other errors are often fed back from forums such as this, by members who are associated with the Beta testing program (I don't mean the worldwide Windows 7 Beta test) or who are diligent enough to repost on one of the Microsoft forums..

it would be VERY useful to post an address on this forum, where people can post complaints like these directly to microsoft, for obvious reasons. we should make sure that they get the messages loud and clear, without leaving it to chance, or we have no grounds to complain later when things are not fixed in the official retail release.


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How do I send this to Microsoft? I though this forum was for windows 7 feedback?
This is a private Forum. Whilst it is not associated with Microsoft, the help given , by members, is based on personal experience. If it proves to be inaccurate, or unhelpful, it is quickly corrected in threads by readers.

If you wish to submit, and discuss, problems, there are several Microsoft sites where you can do so. One of the most comprehensive is the TEchnet Forums here: Windows 7 Category You will be in direct contact with Microsoft engineers and very experienced users.

You would need to register as a Windows Live member, which is free, in order to post. Discussions on builds are normally ignored or frowned upon, as the only official releases to date are the Beta and RC.

You may also find this page informative:

Fwiw: This is what Microsoft have to say on the subject
"You help just by using it. That's because the Windows 7 RC automatically reports crashes and bugs to Microsoft over the Internet. The information sent in automatic reporting is called "telemetry." Our engineers updated Windows 7 based on Beta test results. During the Release Candidate phase, they use the telemetry data to verify that the fixes and changes they made are working correctly.
When you run Windows 7 RC we'll collect information in case we need to contact you about Windows 7 RC. We will also collect automated reporting feedback from PCs running the OS to help collectively analyze issues and file bug reports where appropriate. For a complete explanation of what we'll collect and how we'll use it, please read the Windows 7 RC privacy statement.
Your feedback during the Beta process was very helpful. The "Send Feedback" feature isn't in Windows 7 RC, because we're at a later stage of the software development process. With this release, we're focused on verifying that all the changes and fixes we made based on the Beta tests and feedback are working correctly. We do that by gathering the automatically generated information (called telemetry) that your PC sends us when you use Windows 7 RC. Telemetry provides information about when your computer hangs, crashes or has performance issues, and it lets us know what applications or devices you were using when you experienced problems. It is important that we get this data from thousands of different hardware configurations in order to complete Windows 7. This will help us confirm that the fixes we included based on Beta feedback work on a wide range of hardware, and identify any new problems."

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