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I have had windows 7 installed from an OEM disk for about 6+ months. I have always had auto updates disabled. last night I shutdown the computer just to find 98 updates being installed. I was just a little disappointed, for a couple of reasons. one reason is it seems to take longer to boot after updates have been installed. Two I liked manually updating hardware. Three ISP's threshold limited bandwidth.

I am the only user of this pc so no one re enabled it. The only thing I can figure is that the night before last, I installed windows live mail 2011 for the first time. So the Microsoft software decided for me that I needed to have auto updates turned on. Without even a warning it was going to be done. Now I may be totally wrong about this because I have not found a log when the change took place. But due to the spike in bandwidth, which just about broke my threshold, happen yesterday. Windows live mail was installed just before seems reasonable to me.

As much as I like windows 7 this kind of behavior always bugs me. Makes me wonder if they can log on to my system and do what ever they want. I know its a conspiracy!



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windows updates are designed to prevent security flaws, updates of current versions, newer content, read each description of each item and what it does. Microsoft dont need to "access" your system" as you say because if need be the police , fbi whoever can track where you visit.

Id always recommend to update your pc as old outdated content could leave you vunerable.
If you do things right then what have you got to worryu about? Its when u bend the rules then you leave your self open


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thanks for that kaos, windows updates are designed for more then just to prevent security flaws. there is driver updates program updates. OS updates. I manually update, and I have read the description and there may not be a need certain updates. my dislike was automatic updates was re enabled some how. I was just being fanatical about the conspiracy. But why would they want automatic updates on? The best I can tell is that it was enabled with the install of mail 2011. Something enabled it.

There is an ad on this forum that states before and after making changes or install software check the windows 7 registry for errors. A software has to be installed to check the registry. I find that after "automatic" updates in some cases a user may experiences system malfunction. That where not before the update. But I'm not stating that updates are not a good idea. I'm stating that if I have my system settings set to "off" they should stay that way. Unless I change them. Now I may have changed them while sleep walking but that is not the case. During a install the setting was changed. That is hacking, or a "security flaw". Why UAC did not warn me, is a wonder. Even if you are "doing things right" as you stated, someone else is bending the rules. I'm not worried koas I'm disappointed that Microsoft changed my system settings without my knowledge or approval. Causing me to almost brake the threshold.

I am currently searching for a way to prevent system setting changes during installation of programs. But know that I'm a where I will check after MS software installs.



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What you'll find will happen, that unbeknown to you, or possibly even known, at some stage you'll accept updates for "other good things from Windows/Microsoft" (my wording!!). This switches updates back to fully automatic. Very annoying I'll agree. The only honest answer is to get into Windows updates and re-set (in my case to never. I'm big enough, old enough and ugly enough to get my own update regime, thank you very much!) to your personal method asap. Installing office does exactly the same. I think with Live its part of the I agree terms that you agree to.


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that figures I just agreed, saying to myself disagree while clicking. wonder why the force to auto? (rhetorical) I have a banking site that pushes "close the browser" to clear cache, after log out. so much that they sent the term signal to the browser. now using google chrome just the tab would close. chrome set to reopen last visited. I only had one tab open and the browser shutdown. so then it opened to the term signal and would not let me open a new tab. had to click ok and down goes the browser. lucky for me i'm ugly too. i guess they know better how to remote operate my system for me. security first, just turn the pc off for me.


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Banks cover themselfs from the aspect of shared pc, multiple users on the pc, I,e Library pcs, work pcs etc. Reduce fraud etc.


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I've had updates reset to automatic several times.

I always try and have it download them buy notify me, but just as you said only a couple of days ago I turned off my computer and found it installing a bunch of updates.

I just reinstalled everything so I've had literally hundreds of updates in the last week.

But I like to make sure that I have a recovery point before I install them.
It just makes me feel better. LOL


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