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I own a HP pavilion dv5 114en. My hdd failed (320GB WD) and I changed it with 500GB Seagate. I reinstalled Windows 7 Pro x64. So I have a fresh install. I installed all my drivers. The problem is that windows cannot update itself. Whenever I try to, it keeps checking indefinitely and no updates are listed.

I know this is hardly a new subject, but I haven't been able to find any solutions searching this and other forums.

Thank you!


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Thank you. I'll try it out. But first of all, I'm going to try and wait several hours (even a day, who knows?), just to make sure it's not a problem related to the very low speed of the update service. There was another thread on this forum in which the OP said that it actually worked after waiting many hours in a row. I'll get back and see if anything's changed!


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another handy little tool is the system file checker. To run this you'll need to find command prompt in the start menu, right click on it and run as admin. Type:
sfc /scannow
Press enter and await results.


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Funny! I had really thought it was broken. I waited up to approximately 4 hours and the updates suddenly showed up. I was right to take after the guy who had the same problem. It's quite unbelievable to be honest, given that Windows 7 is still a perfectly workable operating system.
Thanks for your help! :)

P.S. How can I mark the thread as solved? At the thread tools menu there's no such option. I can only edit the title.
[later edit:] Ok, I've just read about it. Threads stay open :)
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