Windows 10 Windows updated itself and deleted my data, but when i restarted it came back


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I turned on my pc for the first time today and for some reason it seemed like windows updated by itself. I thought it was pretty weird but then i checked, EVERY single one of my settings, save files, and even my browsers data was gone. I was confused and tried to restore it but i didn't know how, it was getting pretty laggy so i restarted my pc. Then for some reason, everything went back to normal and it seemed like nothing has changed. I'm very confused but to be honest, i'm just glad my data wasn't gone
If Windows can't load your user profile for some reason it will create a temporary profile. This tends to happen when poorly designed security software locks up your user registry hive. Some times manual work is required to get the system to point back to the correct profile and sometimes Windows will handle that.