Windows 10 Windows Upgrade Issue

I have just managed to get the screen to show up on a different TV again and I got into the BIOS so I have set it so it boots from a removable device first and I will get back to you in a bit @kemical
I can now see my screen, but I am stuck on a reboot loop still @kemical


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Ok.. Did you try booting from the USB stick and running the repair as discussed?
Isn't there an option for start up repair?

Also when you bought the computer did you get a disk to return to factory conditions?
You want the 'Troubleshoot my PC'. From there you can try to either repair it or reset if your stuck send in a screenshot.
Hi Joel,
well if that gets you back to a working machine then maybe it's for the best. I wonder why your machine acted so when trying Windows 10? Anyway if we can help again at any time please post back.
Well I don't think that has been much help either, it has been saying 'restarting' for the past 35 minutes, but I will leave it for as long as it needs and if I have any issues I will post again. But thank you so much for the help so far
Hi Joel,
when you first bought the machine did you get supplied any disks or a way to return the machine to factory defaults? I'm hoping you have a partition somewhere which has Windows 8.1 on it. All you need to do is find a way of accessing it and enabling it.
Honestly I am not sure, but even if I did it would be no use because I don't have the box any more. And after every update I have had a 'Windows.old' folder, which can apparently be used as a restore point to go back to an older software version, which is what i am doing now @kemical
Hmm... I still think your going to need a disk but see how you go. Let me know how you get on.
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