Windows 7 Windows Vienna OS and Transformation Pack


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Aug 31, 2007
:toot: Hello im a new member. My Names gav and i am creating a vienna concept OS (Windows Vienna) If anyone would like to help plz email me at
I have also created a transformation pack.
Will be released soon. This topic is for Concept OS and For Transformtion Pack




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May 7, 2007
Hello ViennaX and welcome to the forums. :)

I have a little question about where you say:
I am creating a vienna concept OS.
Do you mean that you are writing an os based on Windows to add features that are planned for Vienna / Windows 7 ? If so, sounds like a great idea. The only thing is that I don't know any programming languages aside from PHP and XHTML, so I wouldn't be able to help directly.

As for the transformation pack, sounds pretty cool to me. :) If you need hosting for it, just ask, and I will host it for you.

Again, I just want to say welcome.

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