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Long story short: my computer won't start up (properly). I'm running Windows 7 Starter on an Asus EEE 1005PE netbook. I've made no hardware or BIOS changes since purchase. The only peripherals I've used is a USB mouse (currently unplugged).

The events so far: After a short period of inactivity, my computer appeared frozen on the desktop. No applications running; neither the mouse nor keyboard were responsive. After a short period of waiting, I did a hard shut down (held the power button).

The next parts are hazy, as I have manually powered off and on a few times over the past hours. (I have also removed the battery and attempted to flash the BIOS by holding the power button while the netbook is unplugged, as well as letting the computer rest without the battery and unplugged). Upon powering up, the computer will run into a couple of different scenarios. What causes each scenario to occur, I am unsure.

Typically, I will run into a grey ASUS EEE PC screen. I am given the options to "Press F2 to run Setup, Press TAB to display BIOS POST Message". Hitting either F2 and TAB provide no response. Either one or two events will transpire from here: 1) Nothing, at all. 2) After a few minutes of waiting, I will move on to a black screen which allows me to either Start Windows Normally or run Startup Repair. Both lead nowhere. I will either hang indefinitely on the "Microsoft Corporation" loading screen (with the green progress bar) or have the screen completely black, also indefinitely.

Other times, I run into a black American Megatrends screen, which seems to list a few of my system specs. I know the RAM is deemed "OK," and nothing "BAD." However, it does state "Boot booster doesn't work at this time" at the bottom. This screen leads nowhere.

I was able to load the BIOS once; not sure how, though. (As you can tell, I'm quite the amateur). I did not change any settings. I've attempted to load Safe Mode by hitting F8 after powering on, but no menu ever pops up. I should also add that I do not have a Windows disc, as this is a CD-ROM-less netbook with Windows 7 Starter pre-installed.

Apologies for the hazy and possibly confusing recap. Hopefully, though, we can come to a solution! Thank you.

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Hi there.

When it gives you the option to start normally, is there also an option to boot in safe mode? If so, try it.


No options for Safe Mode on that screen (only to start normally or run startup repair, and both of those options usually end with the computer freezing on either a completely black screen or the Windows green progress bar).

Would it be harmful for me to occasionally power on the computer, and immediately begin tapping F8? Bearing in mind that what happens after powering on has not been consistent (after the issue began).


No that would not be harmful. In fact that was my next suggest was to try and invoke a safe-mode boot.


I have finally managed to get to the Advanced Boot Options screen. However, selecting Safe Mode causes the computer to freeze while loading classpnp.sys, while Last Good Configuration has led to either the computer freezing on the Microsoft Corporation green progress bar screen, or an entirely black screen (no mouse cursor), or looping back to the Startup Repair/Launch Windows Normally screen. I have also attempted to select the Repair Your Computer option once, which seemed to trigger Startup Repair rather than give me a set of Repair options. Either way, the computer always freezes before Windows can successfully load.

It may or may not be relevant to note that, during the American Megatrends POST screen, it seems to say my RAM and HDD are "OK".

Anyway, is there anything else I could try for now? Thanks so much.


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Hi jacknicholson,

Do you have any external drive identified as a SCSI device. If so, unplug it and try again.

Also, do you have all the recently released Windows Updates?

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