Windows won't boot after new RAM

I am running windows 7 pro 64bit

My hardware is the following...
Asus P5Q Motherboard
Intel Core2Duo @3.0Ghz
GeForce 9500GT graphics card

So yesterday, I decided that I wanted to upgrade my ram, so I got 2 sets of 2x2GB ram from the local shop. I put both sets to use up all of the 4 DIMM slots on my motherboard, set the ram options in the bios to Auto, and checked that the computer was reading all of the 8gb of ram, and booted up my computer. But when my computer gets to the loading screen for windows, it goes to a blue screen that says that windows could not start because there was an error with the hardware or software.

I powered down my computer and tried using only one set, of the ram, and I still get the same problem. I used 1 stick, and I got the same problem. I tried putting the 1 stick on all the various slots for the ram, and still, I had no luck.

I don't thinks is a matter of compatibility because the ram is DDR2-800, and my motherboard supports that...

There are a couple possibilities that I could think of...

1) I was really really unlucky, and just happened to buy 2 sets of dodgy ram.
2) I'm doing something wrong with the configuration in the bios.
3) Some other setting and configuration that I'm not aware of....

Has anyone else had issues with this?? If anyone has any insight or has experience this problem too, if you could enlighten me... Please lend a hand... It would be greatly appreciated...

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