Windows XP Pro to Windows 7 /Hp Compaq nc8000, possible?

Hello , I have an old Hp compaq nc8000 and i've see that in 47 Days from now Windows XP SP3 32bits will no longer be supported by Microsoft so no more security updates for it, I want to format my Pc and install Windows 7 but i don't know if my computer will handle it and if he would be too slow? What do you suggest me to do? Or do you think it will be ok? I don't have the money for buying an other one and I don't want to be unprotected. Thank you in advance for your answers.

(Sorry for my faults, i'm not completly bilingual, please ask if you need to know more of my System requirements).


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I second Sonny. Your computer should be able to run Windows 7, but considering that everything just goes on and on, and Microsoft has practically stopped selling Windows 7, a hardware update is evident - one of these days you need to get everything new. To buy a new companion with Windows 8 may not be very much more expensive than updating the way you thought.

Best of all. :)

Thank to you two for your answers, @Sonny i've tried it said that my graphic cards does not support Windows Aero and that my TouchPad wouldn't work because there's would have too many problems because of Synaptics TouchPad and some others drivers too are unknow from Windows 7? And @Pauli ; I've called the guy that have selled me this computer and he have others used more recent laptop with Windows 7 and 2 GB of RAM :3 And the prices that he sell them is exactly in my budget so i'll get a new one, thank's to you two for your help! :) Have a nice Day/Evening! ;)


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Sounds good. Sometimes, not always, it sure is

By the way, to your knowledge, I have Windows 7 Professional, and I intend to stick to it... til Hell freezes.


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