Windows XP restarting when I download something from the internet.


Whenever I try to download something from the internet on my hp mini 1010 nr, the computer will suddenly restart without warning the moment when the download is initiated. How can I fix this problem so that I can download things from the internet without my computer restarting?

P.S. It is programs and stuff like that which I download when my computer suddenly restarts.


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I don't think it is what you are trying to download, but what you are trying to download them with. Assuming that is a browser, try a different browser and see what happens.

Hah interesting. Is it on time every time, or usually, or sporadically?

Can you think of anything that changed on the computer recently, or are you digging it out of a closet, or what?

What browser are you using? Have you tried using a different browser version?

What about the windows profile, have you tried creating a new account and logging in to see if that behaves any differently?

Sounds like a back with some of that and maybe we'll get to the bottom.

It may be over heating or you have too many program's on your pc.

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