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the time in the taskbar goes back one hour after restart. When readjusting it to the exact
time, the radio button 'apply" is greyed out and does not react when clicked. The adjusted
time remains ok until restart when it goes back one hour again ?
Thanks for advise/help/comments


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Have you checked for viral activity?

Check that it is on the correct Time Zone & check that the time & date in the BIOS are correct.



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Hi Kemical/Drew
I have no viral activity.
I forgot to mention that I run Windows7 as a VM under parallels on a MacBookPro. So it will not be possible to 'go' into the Bios.
I will have to investigate further with tha Parallels people because in my opinion this problem is out the scope of this forum.
This thread can be closed and thanks both for your help.

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