Windows7 Backup won't burn DVD-R

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Software' started by Arkwright, Jan 2, 2011.

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    Jan 2, 2011
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    New HP Laptop with Windows 7 - Windows Backup software doesn't recognise DVD as writeable, but Windows7 Explorer writes just fine to the same DVD-R.

    If I do
    Control Panel>System and security>Backup and Restore
    click on Backup Now
    ....this gives "Backup in progress..." bar - gets to about 25% and stops with the message
    "Insert Removeable media
    "Windows backup needs a CD\DVD or USB drive to continue" (even though there is a DVD-R in E:\, to which I have just successfully burned a very small test file using Explorer. E: shows on Backup pane as being selected as destination drive).
    If I click on "More information" another dialogue box pops up with instructions to
    "Label and insert a blank media
    "Please write the following label on a blank media and insert it into E:\
    "FREDDY 02/01/2011"
    even though there is a labelled disc in there.
    (Of course that's a bum instruction from Windows anyway - it won't accept forward slashes - but that's OK - I label it without those. Still doesn't work.)

    If on the other hand I just select a file in Explorer and burn it ends up on the DVD no problem. With that same successfully burned DVD - Backup will still not recognise the DVD-R.

    I can use a DVD-R with a small test file burned OK to it, or a virgin disc from the box - makes no difference......


    Hope someone can help.....!
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    Was there not a recovery disc that came with the laptop ?

    I use a netbook which do not come with a recovery disc so i used an external cd/dvd writer burner that successfully burned mine which took 3 discs. Perhaps you could try an external drive or back up your o.s to a big enough usb drive.

    Also if you visit the manufaturers site they sometimes offer a full recovery dis too
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    Mar 20, 2011
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    I cant help but I do have exactly the same problem but on a HP Pavilion laptop I bought in 2010. I have tried several times to back it up to DVD and get to around 25 or 26% copmplete and have exactly the same issue.

    I also would like help if possible?

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