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Can someone tell me please where is the rest 10GB+ located on my LocalDiskC ?
When I get it's properties It says 37GB used space. If I count every single folder inside it (hidden ones too) I get around 26GB. Can you help me please ? I want my 10GB+ back ! Ths space on my LocalDiskC is already small. I don't want it to be smaller.


Doing the math....(39.4 + 21.1 = 56) which is what your total disk is. Your math is not taking in account the space used/needed by the OS....so your 26 GB of data plus the 10 GB for the OS (or the hidden partition {D: drive} of the system image if an OEM retail PC) gives you 36 GB total used. If you could post a screen shot of the disk management window so we can be sure of your setup.


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LocalDiskC is 56GB, just as I allocated it. There is no 'D' Drive, as the rest of the space is occupied by my MAC. On LocalDiskC I only installed Windows and Drivers, and other small programs.



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To be more specific, what I am trying to say is that my computer says I have 39GB occupied space on LocalDiskC, but if I sum up everything in LocalDiskC I get 23.13, and I did sum up the hidden folders.
Does anybody know what could be happening here ? I am really confused, as I am almost sure I didn't install software worth 39GB.

Richard Hughes

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This space is probably being used up by System Restore / Volume Shadow Copy. If you right-click on "Computer" and then select "Properties" from the produced menu, and then "System Protection". From the "System Protection" tab on the "System Properties" dialog box, select "Local Disk (C: (System)" from the "Protection Settings" list and then click on the "Configure..." button. From the "System Protection for Local Disk (C:", you should be able to see the current disk usage for system restore points and shadow copies.

You can delete the stored restore points & shadow copies by clicking on the "Delete" button, but be aware that this will delete all of your currently stored restore points.

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