Wireless Card serious Issues


Yesterday I came back to my PC and tapped the keyboard to wake my machine up from hibernation. Went online to do some web surfing and got that "No connection" screen that you get when something is wrong.

My first instinct was the reboot the router. Which i did, to no avail.

Looking down I noticed my wireless signal strength icon was gone. replaced by a small box with a red X in it. It was telling there was no ethernet cable connection, and not a sign of my wireless adapter.

Looking in device manager. the wireless adapter was nowhere to be found. Several frustrating hours later trying various solutions on the web I found (which mostly amounted to "Reboot a few times, it'll find it and work"), I turned to another PC of mine that i rarely use, pulled its wireless card and installed it instead.

This wireless card was found, drivers installed and worked like a charm. That left me with assuming my old wireless card had failed. and a reminder to get a replacement back up when I get the chance.

This morning. I am surfing the web, turn away form the computer for 30 seconds to speak to a family member, turn back and my internet connection is gone. The wireless signal strength icon has a yellow warning sign on it. I'm getting signal from the router, but its not net connected. Then a few seconds later I watch that icon vanish, and the "Needs ethernet connection" bow with the red X appear.

Device manager. says I have no wireless adapter even installed in my machine....

I know that this is not the case. the previous wireless card and the new one are totally different types of card, plugged into totally different locations in my machine.

Hours now of searching online for possible solutions has left me very frustrated. has anyone got any ideas.

For whatever reason my machine is just deciding wireless adapters do not exist.


Just as an aside.

I just shut down the machine. Pulled the card, and rebooted.

Then I shut down, put the card back in. and now it's working.

My gut tells me this is temporary.

What could be causing this?


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......For whatever reason my machine is just deciding wireless adapters do not exist.
Maybe we can rule out some causes:
- have you a possibility to test the wireless adapter in a different machine?
- and if it proofs to be ok, can you test it in a different slot in your machine
- have you run malware tests on your machine

And is there anything that helps in the logs?
And could you tell us more about the configuration of your PC?


I ended up reformatting the HD reinstalling windows 7, went through 10 hours of updates, and then updated to Win10.

Since then there hasnt been an issue at all with the wireless.