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So, for some time i had connectify for making a hospot but it kept crashing and so on, so im using seventh gate right now, its lighter performace wise. My setup is a pc and a wifi usb adapter netgear wna3100. Driver for the usb wifi adapter is updated to the latest version, and so are all others.

The problem is that after every reboot/waking from sleep/hibernate state, the option gets unchecked. Ill explain in the pictures.

First i have to go here

Then here, i have to have this checked, for seventhgate to be able to make the hotspot.

If i do not do that and i try to make the hotspot, seventhgate puts out this error.

Final samation, a workoaraound to get windows to remember this being checked after a reboot would be very helpful, and maybe an alternative solution to making a hotstop, just not connectify, maybe some other software that is known to work, i forgot to mention i need it for my android phone , which doesnt support adhoc(tried patching my android but the patch is outdated)

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What are you trying to do? Connect your computer to the android and access the internet? Or the other way around. Or just connect to the PC to transfer files? Really not following why you are making the PC a Hotspot. The PC would have to have server capabilities. I have an android and I just connect to the router WiFi. Which I could access the PC threw the LAN now that I think about. I use bluetooth to transfer files to the PC. What is you are trying to do first off. Turn your PC into a router?

I have an android device, but now wifi router,thoguh i have a wifi usb adapter(primarily it functions as a wifi card for the PC to receive wifi connection, but witht he right software it can be transformed into a hotspot). So im using the wifi usb adapter to transmit a wifi signal so i can connect my android phone to it, though everytime i reboot,sleep or hibernate the computer the option above does not remaing checked. Its not a sever problem but a big annoyance, atlest for me.


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It is a dhcp lease problem. Where is your internet on the pc or the android? a hotspot is a dhcp server. Leasing IP address to clients. You still have not answered the question. what are you trying to accomplish. Share your internet connection with the android. Or the other way around. Or do you just want to transfer files back and forth?

Windows internet connection sharing (ICS) will save the setting if set up right.

Im trying to share my PC's internet to my android

like i said, android does not support adhoc so there is software needed for this

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