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    Hi everyone,

    I seem to have a common problem. I am travelling and have recently become unable to connect to various wireless networks when others don't seem to have any issues. The wireless recognises the network, but then it says either Limited access or No internet access.

    It's become a joke now. I am staying at a mate's and at first I was able to connect to his router but the next day my laptop just refused. His one connects without issues and so does his iphone. Mine says Limited access.

    I tried the usual password check, and obtain IP and DNS automatically for both 4 and 6, restarted computer, switched wireless on/off but nothing seems to work.

    I am really peed off.

    Can anyone help? Thanks.
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    Try temporarily disabling your firewall to see if the problem lies there. If that fails to sort it then examine your IP configuration for the adapter by running: programs, accessories, right click command prompt, run as admin then ter this command:

    ipconfig /all

    and look down the list for your IP adapter - see what addresses, masks etc are being assigned.

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