Wireless Network (Adapter) unstable?


When i am gaming, i sometimes have problem with my wireless internet connection :

As you can see the RSSI, is getting lower and unstable while i am gaming,
and when i am not (at the end). My internet connection comes back stable again.

I was wondering if there might be a problem with my network adpater?


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I would suggest maybe testing with an eye towards network congestion.
It appears that there are a lot of nodes competing for limited bandwidth.
I'm surprised that you can do much gaming at all.
Ideally you might want to consider substituting a copper connection to a switch port and avoid sharing what amounts to a common hub with a single backbone for everyone.

i am not really good in computer, but what does it mean exactly?

and sometimes the networks connection is unstable like that,
but sometimes it just stays around -45~50.

how do i fix the internet congestion?

EDIT: it is getting worse, im getting 3000 ping +

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I have the wireless internet connection.
There are a lot of people around me, that is why there are many network.
You said that i should consider replace the copper connection, what does it mean?

EDIT: for my router setting
should i use 20Mhz or 40Mhz channel width to improve the connection?

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