wireless won't stay connected to internet.

The titled says it all :).

I have a new HP Pavillion DV 6, with Windows 7. I can get on the internet for a few minutes (maybe 10 15 max) then disconnects. I am pretty computer illiterate and could really use some help. I live abroad and would like to call home using skype, however with internet there (it always stays there and strong) but not being able to stay connected...I am not able to use skype...

Thank you all for your help!



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I am in XP right now so I cannot check, but are there any power settings that would shut down the adapter after that time?

Are you using a firewall or anti-virus that could be causing the problem?

Are there other wireless devices that might be interferring?

Are you getting any error messages?

I am not to sure about the power setting, nor know how to check for such. It has nortons on it right now for fire wall and anti-virus...I haven't missed it yet. I usually use Avast and just put avast on this evening. As for other wireless devices....this very possibly could be so.....I live in a small apartment complex (4 apartments over buildings) and we all share the internet, but I don't believe anyone has more then just computers. I am not getting any error messages. Thank you so much for your reply...I really appreciate the help... I tried to skype my dad today and only got a 4 min convo in *sigh* hopefully this weekend.


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