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I just instaled a clean version of the windows 7 RC relase on one of my computers. I wanted to use the wireless networking card on it and I no longer had the disc, so I downloaded it off the linkysis site burned it to a disc and instaled it on my computer with Windows 7.

At first it just wasnt picking up the single from my wirless router. So I moved it into the den hopeing to get a better single. Then I started getting the BSOD every time I tryed to open the networking options, then the BSOD happend befor I could even logg in to the point where it forced me into a system restor. Once I did that I tryed to reinstal the drivers and got a BSOD every time I atempted it. I was hopeing if any one was able to get around this problem, or if im just SOL and have to wait for linksys to make compatible drivers for my WMP54g.

I have the same problem, is there a solution to this issue?


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Hello and welcome to the forums.
Are you sure you have the same problem. The OP was running a release candidate of Windows 7. Hopefully you're running a more current version.
Open device manager, expand network adapter, right click the problem adapter and choose properties, select the details tab, select the drop down in the property frame and choose "Hardware Ids"
In the value box right click and choose select all, right click again and choose copy. Paste them into your next post and someone may be able to help with a driver.
Keep us posted.

Trouble: I figured out a fix for this. After searching online a little more, I found that if you click update driver and search for drivers built into the system, searching for RALink drivers work. The Linksys driver was incompatible with Windows 7, I called their support phone and they told me that support was discontinued.

And thank you for the welcome. I find these forums useful, and yes I have a more current version. I bought Windows 7 Ultimate the other day, 32-bit.

To anyone else with this issue: I can give you more detailed information on how to by-pass this problem. Just shoot me an email and I will get back to you ASAP. :)

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Thanks so much for posting back an updating your thread. I'm glad to hear that you've managed to find a solution that works for you. And while your offer of email support was both kind and generous, I removed your email address from the thread to help protect you from potential spam attacks. While I don't suspect that any of our members would abuse your kind offer, I know that there are a lot of utilities that can be used to harvest email addresses from webpages so that they can be added to spam lists around the world. I would suggest that anyone who would like to take advantage or your offer to help them use the site's Private Message system to contact you.
Your membership and contribution to the site is respected and appreciated. Hope to continue to see you around.
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