Wondering about 8.1 Pro Full Retail or OEM versions.


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Looking at the pricing on Newegg for the two versions of 8.1 Pro, I have to wonder why the full version gives you the 64 and 32 bit versions but at a cost of $199, while the OEM 64 bit version is $139. No extra license included in the Retail version, just another $10 CD?

I am assuming the 8.1 EULA has not restricted the OEM versions and still allows for changing computers, so if you did not need the 32 bit version of Windows 8.1 Pro, is there a reason to purchase the full version? Such as, does the Retail version have more install or repair options than the OEM version?

Is there a difference in the way the two versions are installed, as far as the licensing? Any Special procedures for the OEM version?



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Does this article clarify your query?
I am still a little foggy after reading it.

This is the part I don't understand.......( quote )
the Windows 8.1 OEM editions are the Full version of the product and are designed to be installed on a single new PC only.
Unlike the retail media, you cannot use OEM media to upgrade an existing version of Windows to Windows 8.1.................end quote.

So, can I use the OEM media to do a clean install on my Win 7 ?

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The Quote from the link says the OEM is for a single New PC only. Since all versions (except multi-licensed) are for a single PC, does the "New" part signify anything the Retail license does not? The Windows 8 OEM EULA states the license can be moved to another machine, which is the change from prior OEM licenses to which I refer.

They say both versions get a license key, so still not seeing any difference, unless the key is handled in a different manner than the retail version.

The fact is says you cannot use the OEM to upgrade a previous version seems to be relevant, but I always do clean installs so it may not be.

From logical point of view, the price for the License is +$50, for the Retail, above the OEM. Finding something to justify that extra cost would ease my concerns. (the $ numbers I am using are just wags, so they don't have to be precise)

Thanks for the response.

Full version. As with previous Windows versions, the Windows 8.1 OEM editions are the Full version of the product and are designed to be installed on a single new PC only. Unlike the retail media, you cannot use OEM media to upgrade an existing version of Windows to Windows 8.1.


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I have decided not to purchase anything right now. I will wait until next year and see if I like Windows 8.2.. ;)


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