Windows 7 Worthy of Mention & Knowing - Placing VMs


Many may know this (cool) and I could have mentioned it earlier but, I oft take things for granted & then impulsively think maybe it's not occurring to everyone & I suddenly say something so...

Let me paint a scenario to make the point here...

Let's say you put Win8 on a shiny new SSD. And let's say it is 80GB. You have Hyper-V enabled and you are going to build VMs.

You, also, have another drive w/ plenty of space, maybe a 2TB external or something.

VMs take up space. Your Hyper-V Mgr is on C:\ BUT, when you create a VM you can tell it where to live. By default it will be put on C:\ Change that. Put them (VMs) elsewhere ergo they won't take up precious space on your SSD.

This may be obvious, common sense or already, know to some. For others, I trust the mention is of value.

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