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My friend asked me to upgrade his Lenovo G550 from windows 7 to windows 10. My question is CAN WRONG DRIVER ON WINDOWS CAN CAUSE HARDWARE FAILURE?

I raised that question because I cannot find the video card driver for windows 10 of the said laptop on their website. However, when I tried to update it via device manager I got an update and installed the driver.

I am quite a bit worried if I am doing it right...

Please advise and thank you in advance

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If no problems no worry. If there are issues try the win7 driver, if an older lap top they may not have a win10 driver but the win7 may work..

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I find that using a reliable Drivers Update program to allow for the current drivers to be updated properly and efficiently (usually the program can install several drivers at once rather than running separate driver and installation programs and rebooting several different times) and usually install the proper drivers the first time because the program reads the version numbers and manufacturers from the hardware on the motherboard, rather than guessing which software driver package needs installing because there are 2~3 different integrated WiFi adapters or Cameras installed into the same notebook model.