wrong selection of number of processor in advanced boot option. system became dead slow.

hello sir,

i have acer aspire v3-571g laptop with windows 8.1 x64 based OS. Processor is Intel Core i5.

To get a faster booting, i selected 2 processor instead of 1 in advanced boot option (msconfig) by mistake and now my laptop become dead slow on booting and startup.

I am in a big headache now...

Please help a hand to solve this issue...

Thank you..


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By changing the setting to 2 you actually limit the number of cores to 2 instead of increasing it.
If you don't check the box it will boot using as many cores as are available by default.

That's why your computer slowed down when you changed the setting.

Just go back to the boot tab in msconfig go to advanced options and un-click the Number of Processors box.



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p.s. msconfig is NOT for making your system boot faster and once you set it back, stay out of it.

In windows 8.1 you press [windows key] + [x] to open the control menu then press [t] for the task manager… select "start up" from the top tabs to see the programs you have at start up and a time count of the last boot.


Thanks for your suggestion. the system was dead slow to boot. It takes nearly 5 hours to reach there "advanced boot option" menu after pressing power on button. Unpicked the "processor numbers" and " memory". Problem solved..

Thanks for your Reply

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