wusb54gv2 connection issues

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    For some reason, windows 7, build 7200, will not recognize any drivers i install for my wusb54gv2 wireless adapter. In device manager it isn't recognized as being a network adapter obviously because the drivers arent there, but it does recognize it as an unknown device. I have tried everything to get this to work installing every wusb54g driver i could find down to even the drivers for the chip its associate with. I have even manually set it to call the wireless g adapter as "wireless g adapter with range boost" by going through device manager -> properties ->reinstall driver -> browse my computer -> pick from list of drives on the computer. I searched through the drives that windows 7 came with it, the digitally signed ones which there a quite a few, but none that i tried would work. If anyone can help me with this issue, i would greatly appreciate it.

    also because of this, i can't connect to the internet, or locate/see anything on my list of servers to connect.

    one last thing, is this current copy of windows 7 is 32 bit, thanks for any help you guys can provide :D
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