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well i tryed to instal the drivers which they did. but my creative control panal only shows 2 icons one for the conections it recognises and the other being microphone options.

Windows recognises the sound card and the 4 speakers im playing it of with the test sound(quadraphonic setup)
virtualy all aplications fail to play quadraphonic.

However i noticed my VLC player plays quadraphonic fine

cnt seemt to figure out why. and i feel like ripping out my hair lol. .
I have exactly the same with my installation of the 64-bit Creative X-fi Extreme Audio drivers & Creative Console Launcher. No real control over settings, it's all exceptionally basic. No graphic equaliser, Crystalilizer, EAX, 3D, etc. All are missing. Is this normal for the 64-bit drivers?

By the looks of things, and as has been mentioned earlier in the thread, Creative have obviously leaned nothing from the utter mess they experienced when Vista came out. It looks like it'll be same Creative disaster when Windows 7 is released later this year.

I'm not sure how the X-Fi Extreme Audio differs w/ my X-Fi Fatality, but I just downloaded:

1 - Vista x64 driver
2 - Vista x64 Console Launcher

Then I chose Vista compatibility and ran both setups as admin. Drivers and Console launcher work fine. I then installed the volume panel off of the x-fi CD and that works fine too.

For the most part, going the "turn on vista compatibility" and "run as administrator" route has worked for all my system drivers. I was afraid the x-fi would give problems like it did w/ Vista at first..but so far so good.

Excellent post! That was what finally worked for me.


Glad it helped. Hopefully that's all that is preventing some of you guys from getting your drivers to work in Windows 7. Presumably the whole line of X-Fi cards should install assuming they use similar drivers...not sure what the cheaper cards lack (aside from the x-ram).

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To my knowledge the Xtreme Audio card differs from the other X-FI cards. Thus far, I've not found any "workaround" for getting sound.


I've run into the same issue regarding surround sound, however, I've discovered that it only applies to the playback of audio files from within Windows itself (including movies), but in games surround sound works fine. I installed and played Gothic III and set the game to \"5.1\" and thats exactly what I got. Yet when I play any MP3 in Windows, its only in stereo. I'm still looking for a solution myself.

EDIT: Solution is found here = Working Sound Blaster X-Fi series Support Pack 1.0 - Windows 7 : Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility : Windows 7 Beta : Microsoft TechNet Forums

Anyone get this to work with a X-Fi ExtremeGamer? Audio works fine but when I run any of the applications I get the "the audio device with this application is not supported" error :(

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