Windows 7 x1250 ATI Driver


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I have installed Windows 7 in a virtual pc (2007). I decided to go this route before I plunge into installing it outright on my laptop. I have googled and searched extensively and have tried everything...I cannot get a driver installed for my display which is for an x1250 ATI Radeon graphics card. They don't make a 7 driver and the Vista driver does not work. Any suggestions?

Also, I have no sound and it states there is no sound and it states there is no output audio device installed.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I am about to expose my ignorance here but, do you mean the Windows updates? If so, it states there are no more updates. I ran the driver update and it said the standard VGA driver was the "best" one available. I downloaded the vista driver at that link you provided earlier today, installed it, and it installs but does so with an error and the video output still is awful. So, I uninstalled it, did an update, and it installed the vga driver again.
Ok, let me go fire up the old IE to visit that link and I will give it a try. I'll report back. Thanks!