XP 32 bit or 64 bit for Windows 7 64 bit

If I have windows 7 64 bit installed, what should I install for XP Mode, 64 bit or 32 bit? and which Virtual PC, 64 bit or 32 bit?
Whatever I have read so far, Microsoft states that XP mode provides a 32 bit environment in XP mode. How is that possible when I install both in 64 bit.
Any help in explaning this whole XP Mode will be greatly appreciated.

if you have win 7 x64, why in the name of st christopher would you want to deface it back to xp???why do you guys want to go backwards? it befungles the imagination!!

win 7 has such a better feel, it is much easier to navigate and works so much better than your grandpa's xp. the ui is a million times better and much easier to use, and yet, you guys still want to go back to the stoneage...
you trade in your skateboard for a porche, and then complain that you can't lean to corner. what possible reason could you have to want to take a great op sys like 7, and configure it to work as a jalopy like xp???? i truly would love to know! this would be like buying a lamborgini, and then replacing the engine with a four cylinder yugo motor.

Because Stevae, he is not going backwards, he is installing the freely available version of XP virtual machine for apps that don't run under Vista/7. Windows Virtual PC with XP Mode is free to 7 Pro, Enterprise and Ultimate users.

Do some research on it, it is actually a nice feature for anyone upgrading from XP/Vista to 7.**********************************I would go with the 64bit unless you have apps that just won't run under 64bit at all.
But I think you might have that problem on 7 64bit also anyway. It would be time to find something 64bit friendly. If you don't need 32bit, there is no reason to stick with 32bit.
32bit should be dead by now, and damn the consequences.
I think the main purpose for the VPC with XP Mode is for business and enterprise where 32bit apps are prevalent.

So in that case, if you are one of them, then I think what I said above still holds true, but you may have to only use the 32bit VPC with XP Mode , that is just a guess and some trials might be in order. This may be better answered at the Technet Virtualization forums for this particular product though.

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