XP & Internet : Big problems

Hi all...

I appealed to you because I have not found a solution.

My config: P4/3.2Ghz/2M.Ram & XP/sp3

This configuration works wonder fully since 1997.

First of all, I must tell you the story...

Surroundings 15 days ago around 17:00 I extinguished the PC.

Icome to 23h00 and turn on the PC for watching a movie.

And big surprise : Error 'c000021a' at startup.
After looking at a friends, I found solutions.

Reinstall XP not question, almost 20 years of config It's a hell to reinstall
all programs and various things. The remust be a manual solution.

There fore solution to the barbarian.
With an another P4 and same config : XP/sp3, I copy the altered files.
With a boot 'liveCD' I delivered all this in place, and miracle, I picked up the hand on my machine.
After :
A test of discs: OK
A test of the registry:OK

Everything work again well except one thing: Internet...

The server 'DNS 'work salmost well.
The 'DHCP' works very well.
My connection works very well and this just a Windows XP problem.

My LAN works fine behind the XP firewall.

I use times the 'TOR' network, it works very well.

On the other hand, the 'normal' internet access no longer works.
(IExplorer, Firefox, Opera) nothing works. Unable to connect a page.)

I must have missing files or altered, but I nolonger know what to do, and most importantly, I do not want
crach my XP and lose everything.

I am currently on a PIII/866 plugged in to the 'Box' and everything works well.
( Network and Internet) this is not a problem of ''BOX'
It is with him thatI just signed up ont his forum and posted this message.
Could you direct me to a solution?
What would be the appropriate files?
Miss you there are things in the registry database?
Would it be a DNS (windows) problem?
Thank you in advance on this day just sunny.


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Start with doing "sfc /scannow" at the command prompt, and also there was a program called dial-a-fix back in the day which fixed tons of problems with XP with simplicity.

Thank @Jopsephu...
The 'SFC' solution to work.
On the other hand, I was forced todo 3 times.
And Internet works again.
Thousand again thanks...


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No problem can you please mark my post as "best answer" ? Thanks.


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