XP to 7 networking.

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I just upgraded my home office computer to Windows 7 (from XP)

All went reasonable well, given the age of my system. I had some difficulty getting it to play well with my graphics card but other than that I was happy...until I started setting up the home network.

I got it to work, but sometimes it just craps out: internet disappears occasionally, as do some of the clients. The act of simply looking for the missing components seems to somehow fix it most of the time. Other times, I have to reboot. I can always ping everyone local but never remote if the internet is down (does that go without saying?

Anyway, it works, mostly, but clearly something is very wrong.

The first diagram is my physical topography which hasn't changed for the last 5 years...worked great under XP.
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The second diagram is what W7 shows me when I go Start>Computer>Network. My computer is named TONS. SERVER is the music/movies computer. The kids are all labeled "D" (note that one computer (kid3 btw) is missing (but he is on the internet right now so it works, and it will show up later but another might go missing))
I don't know what "Media Devices" is.

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The third diagram is what W7 shows me when I go Start>Control Panel>Network and Internet>Network and Sharing Center.
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In your third diagram, it says homegroup joined. If your other computers are downlevel clients, like XP, or whatever, you need to abandon / unjoin the homegroup and make sure your computer has the same workgroup name as the other machine on your network. Also you may try uncheck IPv6 in the properties of you network adapter on the Win 7 machine and see if that provides any help. You shouldn't need it, except for homegroups.