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Using Win 10 20H2 Build 19042.630 and Microsoft Edge Version 87.0.664.47 (Official build) (64-bit).
I keep getting redirected to Microsoft 360 log in when I try and open a yammer invite. I have made a report to "[email protected]" feedback but have had no response after several weeks. I have searched online but I cannot get any cure to work. I have put as allowed in Edge popups but that makes no difference, even put into the edge address bar where I am redirected to a page enabling me to purchase Microsoft 360. This all worked ok a few weeks ago but now I just cannot get yammer anyway I've tried. I am aware that Microsoft have made the yammer site as incompatible therefore it gets directed. Is there a way around this short of changing browser?

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Hi Neemobeer,
Yes I agree. I forgot to mention in my description that I try and log in but it refuses my private e address and asks for my business e address, one that I do not have as somebody just responding to an email invite. Before all this I clicked on the invite button and went strait to the conversation. The penny has only just dropped that it all changed around my updating to 20H2 some two weeks ago that started it all. The late update to 20H2 was my being unsure as to what major changes where entailed, it transpires nothing major changed other than my being unable to use Yammer.

How do I sign up as a recipient of invites with only a private e address and no Office 365?

Is there a way, after the initial login, for my just using the email invite button as before?
No it's both browser and app based
Thanks for that, so I don't need to download anything. I was wondering if I have some browser or windows setting that might be causing the problem of being redirected to 365 login. Other people in the same yammer group do NOT have the problem even though some use win 10 and Edge browser. I am at a loss, my wife uses the chat group as a means of communication as a volunteer for carers of people who have mental health issues and nhs professional involvement, so it is quite important for us to get this sorted. Any ideas?
If she's logged into another Office 365 app then she's already authenticated and there would be no redirection.
It also depends how the O365 tenant is configured. Guests can be required to authenticate or not and the same for users they can have different levels of requirements to access a resource such as Yammer.
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There is no Office 365 app in my computer. How can I personally log into our Yammer group manager's 365 that is on another computer controlled by another owner in a private office miles away probably under a different server, I can't can I.
So how do I stop the redirection? (As you say "To be authenticated on somebody else's 365")

Please tell me how to login when I am not allowed login on the 365 site because I don't have Office 365?

I realise there must be tens of reasons why there would be NO redirection but believe me, I am being redirected to a 365 login page. WHY?

Can the redirection, in my case, be stopped?
More than a one liner reply would be most helpful
Thank you
Again those settings are determined by the owner of the O365 tenant. Only they can change those settings. A guest can be invited with any email address outside of that tenant. If they require you to authenticate with the guest account then you have to each time. You can't change that.
Yes, an invite by email to remind me to go and look at the conversation. I will check with the sender as to the exact details if you wish.