Your Phone problem


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I wanted to link my new mobile to my laptop. I clicked on settings, link an android phone, add a phone. My phone didn't appear but a Nokia phone did. Nobody in my house owns a Nokia. I was able to see messages on this phone so I quickly unlinked the phone, not wanting to be accused of hacking. I was able to connect my phone after downloading apps and my phone is set as the default phone. However, when I restart my laptop both phones appear as linked phones and I could easily make the Nokia my default phone. Seems this is a serious security issue.
No. I really don't want to access this phone again as I'm worried that the owner will be upset that private details may have been viewed. They might also think it is a scam.
I am hoping somebody out there knows what is causing this weak security and how I can stop the Nokia from appearing on my laptop under linked phones.
I emailed Nokia support but they requested details of this Nokia phone which I obviously don't have. I was wished though to "have a lovely day". Very sweet but not helpful.
I have sent feedback to Microsoft but no reply as yet.
My guess would be someone has a Nokia phone and it's close enough to be picked up by your computer. They likely have setting lacks enough to allow any device to connect to it which is bad on their part.
You'd be doing them a favour - it wouls seem that the nokia owner is operating the phone with open access - send them a text message will no one any harm.
Thanks. I will try texting them, or put a note through neighbours doors to ring me if they own a Nokia 8. Is it possible they have bluetooth tethering switched on? Is a passcode normally required to tether devices?
Problem solved. I took a look at some photos on the Nokia and I thought I recognised the person in the photos. It was my daughter. I remember now that she had to use my laptop to carry out office work. She must have linked her phone. She works in the telecommunications industry. She should have permanently removed any links when she finished.
Thanks for the update (and for exercising my chuckle muscle!) Pleased it's sorted, these things can be worrying.
Thanks for all replies. It will be my daughter's turn to panic when she finds out I can see her photos and texts.