YouTube crashing my system

Hi everyone. It's Win7 x64 enterprise with all the stuff from windows update. Whenever I want to watch something on YT, I get a Video driver crashed notification, and something like a minute or so after that I get a BSOD (related to ATI dll files) and a crash. I tried reinstalling Flash, I tried running it in Chrome, FF, IE, IE 64bit, Safari, it's always the same. Yes I my ATI drivers are also up to date. This started happening with the October's Catalyst I think, after which I upgraded to latest, bu that didn't help.

What do I do? Ask away anything.


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The first thing that I would try is to roll back the drivers to the earlier version and see if that fixes it.
You can do that by going to control panel, system, Device Manager.

Click on your display adapter and then click on Properties.

Select the Driver tab and click on Roll Back Driver.

If this fixes it I'd wait a few days to make sure everything works and then try updating again.
Sometimes things just go bad during the upgrade process.

If it still causes a problem after updating it a second time, I'd roll back to the earlier one and use it until a there is a newer version.

I have found from time to time drivers that just didn't work on my computer, and have had to stick with the older driver until a newer one come along.


I rolled back and now it works good. I'll just see if it remains so. Thanks bro.

The problem is back. It crashes every now and then.


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Any chance it automatically updated the driver again?

I'd try and roll it back again and see if had changed since last time.

I've occasionally had drivers that just didn't work with my system.
The next time they would come out with a new driver, everything was good again.


Yes I updated to newest (12.1) recently. Good thinking mate. Thanks again

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