Windows 7 Z600 data recovery


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My Z600 PC has now slowed down. I suspect through lack of maintenance. I downloaded tune up software, but it stops halfway through. I have quite a large movie collection on the internal hard drives, (Set up in raid 5) (c drive and d drive) I Tried to add a new external HDD with a view of cutting and pasting the movie collection and any other "Valuable" xml and word files. But new drives are no longer recognised and I have trouble accessing the ones that I have.
I have some old autoroute and acrobat programs that I don't really want to lose.
I have Z400 with a removable hdd drive caddy:
Is it possible to remove one drive at a time from the Z600 to the Z400, cut and paste the "Valuable" files to the z400 and then return the drive back to the Z600? (Leaving the existing programs intact?
Can this be remedied somehow using the raid? I prefer to extract the "valuable" data first. (It is so slow now, I fear the raid backup may fail?)
What is the best options?

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If the system boots or if you can boot in a rescue disk or even a live Linux OS disc you can simply copy the data off.