screen problem

  1. Gleis

    Screen Flickering after laptop turns on!

    After I turn on my laptop and log in the screen starts flickering and after some seconds it turns black with some green lines etc... After restarting my laptop everything is back to normal. I've tried uninstalling the graphics driver and reinstalling, updating every other driver via 3rd party...
  2. J

    Windows 10 Large cluster of dead pixels

    This is an issue that I've been ignoring for quite a while thinking that it might go away however it hasn't. Not much to say that wasn't said in the title but on the left of my screen there's a large line of dead pixels against the edge of my screen, I think it's probably because of me dropping...
  3. Ninjoulis

    Windows 10 screen brighter than usual

    after an update of windows my screen is more bright but if i change the brightness problem dont fix any ideas ?
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