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  1. U

    Dual boot Windows 10 and 11 but keep the drives separate

    So I recently bought a new PC (W10) for flight simulation. My little sister wants to use it for browser games, many of which are known to put viruses on the disk. I decided the best option would be to put a separate OS (might as well be W11) on a separate drive and run a dual boot, so that it...
  2. bruh

    Windows 10 Wondershare | The most annoying software I ever installed | Rant 😡

    Let me start off by saying this: I HATE WONDERSHARE (in case you didn't guess from the title) I installed Wondershare a while back, I don't remember what for but I think it was Wondershare Filmora or something like that. Never had too much of a problem with it except for the fact that it was...
  3. D

    Windows 10 How do I customize Windows 10?

    Windows 10 is one of the most popular operating systems on the market, and for good reason. It provides an intuitive user interface that makes accessing your files and running programs a breeze. Additionally, it comes loaded with features such as Cortana, which helps you to manage your Devices...
  4. W

    Windows 10 My disk is at 100% and idk why

    Hi my disk is at 100% at all times even after booting up. I dont know why it, but it started happening after creating a double boot for manjaro (linux). Please explain in detail I am not experienced with computers.
  5. jihnmelton14es

    Windows 10 Which is the best graphic card for windows 10

    There are lots of different graphic cards are available in markets but we dont know which on is best for windows 10. Because for enjoy gaming on pc players always want high graphics. I am also gamer and i am also looking best graphic card. So if anyone expert available share thier experience.
  6. fgdfgd

    Does Windows 10 hardware acceleration improve gaming performance?

    Does Windows 10 hardware acceleration improve gaming performance?
  7. Gleis

    Screen Flickering after laptop turns on!

    After I turn on my laptop and log in the screen starts flickering and after some seconds it turns black with some green lines etc... After restarting my laptop everything is back to normal. I've tried uninstalling the graphics driver and reinstalling, updating every other driver via 3rd party...
  8. Youngbilly

    Windows 10 Slow Start up

    Hi there I have recently bought a new pc with many component upgrades to my old one but my old computer used to be able to boot windows in 10 seconds from when I push the power button and it was completely functional. But now on my new pc with much better hard ware It takes around 1 minute to...
  9. Bluetonic

    Windows 10 Windows 10 second boot

    Hello, I have 2 hard drives each with a Windows installation and always had the option of booting from either drive upon switching the PC on. I recently reinstalled windows on the second drive using Windows Reset function. Since then, windows will only boot from this drive whilst my other drive...
  10. W

    Windows 10 I pressed something and now my desktop is black and my apps are wierdly colored

    I accidentally pressed something and now my desktop is black and my apps are in a black, blue and white theme pls help here are some pictures
  11. W

    Windows 10 I pressed something and now my desktop and apps have weird colours

    I accidentally pressed something and my backgroung disappeared and my desktop is black firefox is weird too. Pls help here are some pictures...
  12. M

    Windows 10 How To Take Backup of software from Old for New PC?

    I'm replacing an old Windows laptop with a new one and need to make sure that I keep a previous software's backup that I have saved. Right now, that backup, shows up as it should when I click Preferences and then click the Devices tab. The date the backup was made Last time, I lost almost...
  13. S

    Windows 10 Problem - Please Help

    Might be a dumb question, but i cannot find an answer for it. My issue is a software page not being able to move by clicking the top of it and dragging it like every other page does, the only way i can move it is by pressing it (windows key+shift+arrow keys) to my second monitor, i cannot freely...
  14. P

    Windows 10 IMAGE_REL_AMD64_ADDR32NB relocation requires anordered section layout

    I am running .netcore 3.1 console app written in c# that handles quite significant amount of data. At some point, subject of this thread starts being logged. I am running it on virtual machine, x64 4 cores. Application is multithreaded. Can you explain the error and give me some hint what to do...
  15. RUDY03

    Windows 10 Windows Search web-based queries not opening in preview mode.

    The title is so due to my lack of better words to describe the problem. Also, I don't know if the term I used ("preview mode") is what it really is called, or not, so please pardon me. As you can see in the above, I am getting a link "Open in Browser", when I press the right arrow, which is...
  16. Torwuuw


    I just purchased a new I buy power pc with windows 10 already installed. I downloaded discord and went to talk through the headset I just bought which is an A10 ASTRO legend of Zelda breath of the wild edition headset. The mic wasn’t working but I could hear my friend just fine. I went through...
  17. blackmagicislam

    Windows 10 How to Change Windows 7 Boot Screen Animation

    Firstly is it possible to Change Windows 10 Boot Screen I use window 10 I want to own custom modification on window 10 Please tell me, friends ?
  18. LeeoGO

    Windows 10 Editable folder details

    Hi. I have this problem... How can I add editable information, about different folders. I give you example in the image. (Ignore the winXP looks, it is just example :-D ) In the ,,User editable,, field, i need to write my notes in single words, like: red, do not open it, still working on it...
  19. ragnarok1968

    AMD Posts Ryzen Community Update; Power Patch Coming

    AMD Posts Ryzen Community Update; Power Patch Coming AMD's relatively low performance in some games has led to a flurry of theories, with the most popular being that the Windows scheduler bears the blame. There have been widespread reports, based on a now-deleted tweet as far as we can gather...