Windows 10 Problem - Please Help

Shred Hed Gaming

New Member
Jul 16, 2021
Might be a dumb question, but i cannot find an answer for it. My issue is a software page not being able to move by clicking the top of it and dragging it like every other page does, the only way i can move it is by pressing it (windows key+shift+arrow keys) to my second monitor, i cannot freely move the page at all, only switch it to another screen, and also when the page is up, there is no task bar, i have to minimize it fully to be able to use the task bar which is pretty annoying. The software is Streamlabs OBS, but i know its not the software problem, i know its a windows problem, maybe i hit a certain key combo to make it like this.

Can't say I've heard of a windows issue like that in 20 years. Programmatically this is fairly simple. Either the program itself or some other utility program are what I would suspect.