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    Windows 10 How To Take Backup of software from Old for New PC?

    I'm replacing an old Windows laptop with a new one and need to make sure that I keep a previous software's backup that I have saved. Right now, that backup, shows up as it should when I click Preferences and then click the Devices tab. The date the backup was made Last time, I lost almost...
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    Windows 10 I can't Change anything about virtual memory.

    I just can't change the virtual memory (the screenshot shows exactly why) the window is half cut and I can't expand it with mouse to apply my changes. This is a Bug cause earlier (just after installing windows 10) I had changed it to one of My HDDs. I needed to format this HDD so I used TAB to...
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    Windows 8 how to recover forgotten wifi password

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    Windows 7 Help with The Task Scheduler

    Hi ! (Sorry if my english isn't good, but i try, because i don't found a french forum for what i'm looking for) So, i want to use The Task Scheduler to launch a playlist in Winamp (audio player) automatically when i want. So i just put my config to launch a playlist located in ...
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