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    Clear Windows inbuilt zip password store

    I have a password protected zip file. When I dbl click it, windows opens it and asks for the password before I can view the files inside the zip. However I have noticed that when I put the PC into hibernate and then switch the PC on again, windows has remembered the password and I dont have to...
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    Windows Download Problem! :(

    I can never download any zip files! This has been a problem with Windows 8 and Windows 10! When I try this happens: - Firstly instead of a .zip icon before the download name it has the Chrome symbol. It opens a new Google Tab for a brief moment and then quits it. It then downloads another...
  3. Use Compressed Archives in Windows 7 (ZIP, RAR, etc.)

    Use Compressed Archives in Windows 7 (ZIP, RAR, etc.)

    HOWTO: Use a simple method of creating compressed archived files using the built-in Windows 7 compression utility. Files and folders can be added or removed at any time. We highly recommend using this for uploading mindump files on Windows 7 Forums. You can also use this method and other...