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    Windows 10 ZIP archiver of Windows Explorer omits time stamps of top-level folders.

    On Windows 10 and presumably other Windows versions, the built-in file archiver of Windows Explorer (Windows File Explorer) does not record the time stamps of folders at the top level inside the ZIP archive file. If you wish to retain those time stamps, you can use 7-Zip file manager. Time...
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    Windows 8 Clear Windows inbuilt zip password store

    I have a password protected zip file. When I dbl click it, windows opens it and asks for the password before I can view the files inside the zip. However I have noticed that when I put the PC into hibernate and then switch the PC on again, windows has remembered the password and I dont have to...
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    Windows 10 Windows Download Problem! :(

    I can never download any zip files! This has been a problem with Windows 8 and Windows 10! When I try this happens: - Firstly instead of a .zip icon before the download name it has the Chrome symbol. It opens a new Google Tab for a brief moment and then quits it. It then downloads another...
  4. Use Compressed Archives in Windows 7 (ZIP, RAR, etc.)

    Use Compressed Archives in Windows 7 (ZIP, RAR, etc.)

    HOWTO: Use a simple method of creating compressed archived files using the built-in Windows 7 compression utility. Files and folders can be added or removed at any time. We highly recommend using this for uploading mindump files on Windows 7 Forums. You can also use this method and other...
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