0x4F error - system crash

Got 0x000004F ( or was there more zeros?).
Anyways, more importantly, I was able to boot up properly after this only a few times.(wasted thouse times for nothing, God damnit.)
I suspect my Asus M3A got totaly pwned due to it doesn't boot up (at least i don't get any further than having my video card props showed up)
However I thought thta 2 years isn't long enougth for a motherboard to freakingly die on my hands.
Any ideas what I'm dealing with and how to solve this?

Hey there.

1) Post a screen shot each of the CPU-Z memory and spd tabs.

2) C:\Windows\Minidump

Copy the files there to any other folder then zip them and attach the zip to a post, along with items from #1 above.

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