Windows 7 1 of my games is freezing while im playing it in windows 7


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May 31, 2009
1 of my games is freezing while im playing it in windows 7.
Gta IV freezes and reacts slow when i pushed at the w button which is move forward by default nothing happens
its a bit weird that its only this game that its happening for

i have updated all my pc drivers to latest ones that is for windows 7 and GTA IV is still responding slow

because need for speed undercover,call of duty 4 and call of duty world at war works properly, which means that it doesnt freeze at all

can it be an issue with a bug in windows 7 possibly?
Hello, im fairly sure this game works with W7, have you tried either running it in compatibility mode for vista RTM, or running as admin?

yes i have tried both and the game still freezes

dont know what more i can do

well it still a bit weird because i can run call of duty 4, need for speed undercover and call of dyt world at war in max graphics

but i cant do that with gta IV it lags really bad even when i run gta IV with the lowest graphics
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