1 Really Nice Bit w/ the Update


This is, actually, a 2-parter...

1. w/ the Update (8.1.1) can, now, opt to have Store icons on the Task Bar.
2. There is, as w/ anything in this context, the ability to 'pin' these to the Task Bar.

That said...

Active APPs will sit on the Switcher Bar, true enough. However, after a time, the OS shuts them off. But, they stay on the Task Bar, especially, if they are pinned. Ergo, especially for Desktop fans, one can have easy access to such things as Calendar, Weather, Alarms, Calculator, News, Sports or whatever, permanently, always and w/out re-activating things you may use lots or popping out the Switcher Bar. Plus, you open an APP from the Task Bar & then either Clk the Top-Left Corner or hit Minimise on the APP to reshow Desktop, again. Even if the OS hasn't had time to shut APPs off before reboot, this way the 'always used' APPs will, still, be (awaiting you) on the Task Bar, due to pinning.

Works rather handily and conveniently, really, when you think about it.