Insider Preview 10049-Anyone use the download Updates from other PC option?


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The newer builds have the option to download Apps and Windows updates either from other computers on your network, or other PCs on the internet.

Has anyone tried it or know of some procedure necessary to set that up, beyond enabling it in the Advanced Options-choose how to download updates?

Someone on another forum stated they started getting updates as soon as that option was enabled. If that was actually the case, they may have had some type of special situation with the normal update server, but not really sure.



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Mine is "On" and PC's on my local network, and PCs on the internet is ticked.
I don't see any ill effects or actually any effect at all.
I assume that, that setting is for maybe, a time in the future when the equivalent Server product might be configured locally to act as a WSUS (Windows Server Update Services).
Presently the Server Product seems to be languishing and according to recent reports has been pushed to 2016 for a release.


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I get the impression it is for folks that may have more than one system or need access to servers other than the Microsoft servers. Probably Microsoft is trying to reduce access to their servers to keep them from overloading, and in the future they may set up torrent type servers for updates.

But so far I have not really noticed any differences either, you still have to be online to check for updates which means the update process is not yet able to see another system on your local network and use it. The next time I get a large update I will watch it closely.

I wonder if all the reworking of the Network Adapter configuration process might be involved? I have not found anything which explains what may be necessary for this other computer option to work.


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