2 Files are secretly downloading

One of the files is called:

iLiVid_setup ( I believe )

and the other is:


I need help to try and remove this from happening, I checked when they were modified to see when they were downloaded and the video_downloader says it was 3am when it downloaded. I checked my internet history and my computer was off during that time.

I feel like it's a virus, but when I remove the files using Malware-Bytes; they just come right back.

Any help?


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My bet would be that it's a case of these ever increasing attachments. When installing something, you get tons of stuff you never even knew existed! Not to mention that you would have wanted it! I'm really pssssssssssd here.

Check lately installed software, get rid of everything unknown, or even known. You can always reinstall what you want, just be careful with what comes along.

Sorry if I sound sour, but it's sincere. Rumble mumble... I don't like unwanted lawless to mess in my underpants. And I do definitely think that they should be caught and trialed. I had great trouble with PUP.Optional.Softonic, http://malwaretips.com/blogs/pup-optional-softonic-virus/, I tried various security programs, no success, it always came back - eventually, I think, it disappeared with a Windows update. May be, Gates is gates?

"Have a nice day".

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You have to be careful updating software too they slip it in then automatically. I always take the custom install option if available.

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