2 HDD/ Drive letter problem....WHY??

hi guys...
i have vista sp2 OS installed(this prob is same in win7 too),on my dell studio 1737 laptop...it has 2 hdd options,my primary hdd is 320GB n secondary one is 500GB (purely for data,movies,songs).
when i install OS,n in my computer it takes 500GBs hdd 1st drive as D drive.n then 320GBs D as E...i tell u in little more details...
C..320GB hdd
H..500GB n onwards....
(320GB hdd has 5 partitions....)

then i have to go to my computer.right click.properties.manage n change driver letters....i want to know why this happens so...what is its permanent solution...what i can do to solve it.i mean permanently...


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A snipping tool picture of your Disk Management window attached might help, but as far as I can tell, the boot partition is normally C:. I think it then alternaltes between drives, although not sure. When you throw in DVD drives, removable storage, and the fact you might have changed the primary hard drive in the bios, it gets really hard to keep track of. If you are installing an OS, you need to know for sure where it is going, so I never make two partitions the same size.

Disk 0 in Disk Management is normally the lower SATA connector, but that does not mean it is the primary drive.

If you are getting ready to install and need any help, let us know ahead of time, it might head off problems later.

i have attached the disk managment pic



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So you have Vista installed on Disk 0 partition 1? Since this is the OS, it should be C:. If you have another OS installed and boot to it, then the drive letters should change to allow for it taking C: The other letters probably change depending on which OS is looking at them.

I always like to put things like card readers and such to the higher letters to keep them from being changed by the lower letters moving around. It is really hard to keep track of how they change, and I am sure there is a system for setting those, I do not have it figured out.

But it sounds like you are not about to install anything, unless I am miss understanding you.

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