2 problems with not having touch screen

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    1. Because I have to use the pad on my laptop for moving the cursor around, I keep getting those irritating side pop ups. Can I disable them?

    2. When I am in a chat room, something I am doing is causing the zoom to resize my type. I know it must be something about where my cursor is but I cannot figure out how to keep it from happening.

    I am not very computer literate and both of these problems are irritating.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.
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    I want to write my concern about the whole windows thing. I think it is the worst software ever created in the world. Im a user for many years. I had started form atari and spectrum computers and I cant believe that this **** called windows is still the most popular sotware used by people. I have just one windows computer only for games and nothing more (alienware). hardware is great but windows 7 that I have is, after each update worse. my computer is now probably working as fast as zx spectrum after all this updates, which by the way always happen when You dont want them and You are in a hurry. I hate all what represents windows and the people who make this shit should start making other things probably because windows 9 or vista 2 will make a lot of people dead because of nerves attack or heartbreak. I have broke a few computer already because mainly of ******* updates which kills me. Im having a responsible job which needs a reliable hardware and soft to be able to get somewhere but this **** that You deliver is good only for seeing probably error windows if someone is a fun of such messages. I hope You will get bunkrupt soon its my new years wish by the way!!!!!!
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    Personally I use a wireless mouse whenever I use a laptop, I hate the touchpad thingy.
    In fact pretty much everyone I know uses a mouse with their laptop, some of them just use in on the lower right side of the case below the screen.

    If you install Classic Shell it will let you turn off the corner menus, and use the desktop in the same way you always did.

    Message 2:

    As for Updates, you can set it to download updates but not install them until you want to, or not download them at all.

    I'm afraid that we are stuck with Windows (unless you buy an Apple) because anyone who came out with a real OS that would run all the software that Windows will would spend the next 20 years in court fighting Microsoft over the rights to produce it.

    What I really want it a simple operating system that does only one thing, let me run the software that I install.
    It could be a simple screen with a categorised start menu of installed software, just select the one you want and run it.

    The catch is that it would have to make it possible to run any modern software.

    A lot of people could run Ubuntu, it works great if you only do Word Processing, Email, and stuff online, but running games and graphics software is a nightmare.

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    I also use a wireless mouse, personally I'd not want a touch screen, unless it's a tablet. Those are by design made for this purpose. Touchscreens, even the desktop ones, it would seem that it would need cleaning a lot more often than a non-touch.

    An alternative to this is already being sold, Logitech has a touch pad, it's approximately the size of a mouse pad, the difference is that one can touch that & ideally it works the same as touching the monitor. I've seen only one, like anything else, there's going to be a learning curve. But no more so than using the touchscreen itself.

    Too, much of the answer to your OP is in the post itself.

    That can only be corrected by using your computer & getting the experience that you need. Keep in mind, that all of us here were in the same boat at one time.

    And there's lots of experienced members here to assist you with getting over that hump. The key is, you're going to have to spend some time one on one with your computer & get used to it's features, how to use them. The same as with anything when jumping into it new.

    Most, if not all of us, are still learning to this date. Every release of a new OS triggers this. Computing, just like other things, are changing at a faster pace than ever. The best that we can do is practice, stick with a tech forum such as this one, keeping in mind that many of your questions have already been answered many times (that Google or Bing search box IS your friend).

    MikeHawthrone has a few good suggestions above that can help those who are new to Windows 8 get started.

    Too, some OEM's has a "Windows 8 Tutorial" or other similar Tile to click onto for additional information. Every bit helps, but only if the consumer is willing to learn.

    Good Luck!


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